Are you suffering from hip-pocket syndrome? By Neil Thomas DC


As a chiropractor I am used to seeing people with back problems on a daily basis due to injury, repetitive spinal stress or poor core stability but did you know that a simple thing like wearing your wallet in your back pocket could be the cause of your pain. 80% of people will suffer from an episode of back pain at some point in their lives and a lot of these are easily preventable.

Many men carry a wallet in their back pocket, some for many decades without a thought as to how this may be affecting their spinal health. Wallets can be filled with essential items such as credit cards, driver’s license, cash, receipts and other useful or even useless bits and pieces which can result in quite a chunky piece of pocket-wear.

Imagine this chunky wedge nestled in your back pocket every day while you are sitting on a chair or in your car; one side of your pelvis is now higher than the other instead of being even. The wallet will not only affect your spine but also the tissues and structures underneath the wallet. If you are new to wearing a wallet in your back pocket then you may notice it is slightly uncomfortable at first but then after a while you stop noticing it.  Your body has an amazing ability to adapt and compensate for imbalances and believe me, it will have to do some compensating for that chunky wedge! Let’s talk about why.Read More >

The real effects of flip flops on your body. By Claire Hawes

flip flops free image

flip flops free image

During these summer months most of us ladies love to get our feet into those flip flops. We love to let our feet breathe and show off our painted toes.  Well that all sounds wonderful, and who am I to spoil that, particularly as I love to wear them too! However it is a growing concern that heel pain is growing among young people ages 15 to 25 years. Some experts and parents cite wearing flip flops daily as the main cause. Flip flop wearers take short strides and turn their ankles inward. Long term ankle and hip problems are a cause for concern.Read More >

The secrets to optimising your health care plan By Lynn Hughes

We are not all fortunate enough to be a member of a private health care plan, but if we are, then it makes sense to be fully aware of the benefits. Some of the larger business organisations will pay into a private health care scheme on behalf of their employees, as part of their strategy to support health and wellness and to have a healthy workforce to help keep absenteeism figures as low as possible. Some organisations will choose to offer a scheme to their employees at a cost to the employee, and some individuals will take out their own care plans independently.

Whatever the reason, the same rules apply to optimising the plan.Read More >

A Warm Welcome-a forgotten gesture or a meaningful experience?




Our smiles are real and we are genuinely interested in you and your health and wellbeing.

We have all experienced that dreaded moment when we walk into a busy waiting room and are not acknowledged, or even worse ignored!

Why do they do this?

Especially when we all know that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression on anything in life. This is the experience that stays with us for ever.Read More >