How Are We Different?

How is our care different than traditional medicine?

This is probably the most important information to pass along because if you can really understand the difference you will have control of your health for the rest of your life.

What’s more important than your health?

Regaining and keeping your health is easy and doesn’t have to be expensive, but it takes a change in how you think about your body.

Do you see yourself as a genetically flawed body that will randomly get sick, get cancer or heart disease and die?

Or do you see yourself as a self-healing body that overcomes disease if given the proper nutrients, rest and stress-free environment?

We now know that genetics play very little part in the health. This is great news, you do not need to fear ill health, but you do need to be responsible. Heart disease and cancer are pretty much 99% preventable diseases. That is, if you avoid the harmful toxins and engage in a healthy lifestyle you can avoid the top two diseases that kill people.

Treating Symptoms or the Cause?

Medicine treats symptoms. This is known as allopathy. Allopathy has two main tools — drugs and surgery. Drugs are used to block pain signals or to suppress some natural function of the body. They treat symptoms.

If you have high blood pressure, drugs lower the high blood pressure artificially. But why did you have high blood pressure in the first place? Usually lack of exercise, wrong type of diet or too much stress.

How can a pill correct that? It can’t, but it can lower your blood pressure, but now you have to deal with the side effects of that drug. And you still aren’t exercising correctly or addressing the real cause. Now you need a new drug to help with the side effects from the blood pressure drug and so on.

Chiropractic philosophy says you should find the cause and then fix it. You don’t need drugs or surgery to do that.

Medicine has its role in healthcare, but it’s just not effective at preventing problems or keeping people healthy. Allopathy is excellent for crisis care — if you break your arm or have a heart attack etc. but its core philosophy is treating symptoms, not the cause.

So what is the solution?

We at Durham Family Chiropractic are different because we find the true cause of what is causing your pain or condition. Many times that cause is that your body’s mechanics are breaking down. There are bones in your body that go out of place and cannot correct themselves. This leads to a twisting up of your body as it tries to compensate. Twisting anything causes pain. Try twisting your thumb or any other joint…it hurts!

The other solution besides getting your body’s mechanics working better is to do regular exercise, eat healthy foods, and reduce mental stress as much as possible.

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