Claire Hawes


Claire Hawes

Registered with the General Osteopathic Council

Master of Osteopathy (2011) London School of Osteopathy

BSc (Hons) Practice Development (Mental Health) (2007) Northumbria University

Diploma Nursing (Registered Nurse) (2003) Northumbria University

Hours:      Tuesday            12pm – 7pm
              Thursday          12pm– 7pm

Claire also practices from the NGO Clinic in Blaydon



Health and being able to have an impact on people’s lives has always been important to Claire. Prior to being an osteopath she worked as a registered nurse, this has given her huge insights into the various workings of the healthcare systems in this country, as well as abroad, having spent a year following her graduation in osteopathy living and working in Vancouver.

Claire uses a variety of additional treatment options including western medical acupuncture, kinesiology taping, and ultrasound. These all complement her approach to treat each person individually and get resolution from pain as quickly as possible.

Since qualifying, she have completed additional training including looking at feeding and digestive issues in babies, osteopathic technique and headaches and migraines. Her interest is in general adult musculoskeletal health, and she enjoy treating adults with conditions affecting the muscles, joints and nervous system.

Claire loves the outdoors, and as such it is important that she maintain her health and fitness to enable her to make the most of our beautiful countryside – regular osteopathic treatment allows her to maintain this to the optimum.

Osteopathy and Chiropractic

Osteopaths and chiropractors are both regulated professionals. They treat similar health conditions and many of their techniques are the same. Many patients treated by them both do not notice much difference, it is generally a preference in individual practitioner, than approach. Please see your practitioner if you would like further information.

Claire’s Personal message to you “I am really excited since joining the team at Durham family chiropractic. I’ve spent the last couple of years working alongside other chiropractors and osteopaths, as I had returned to my home ground in the North East having lived in London and Vancouver previously. I look forward to helping people resolve their painful conditions. In particular I have a special interest in the treatment of headaches and migraines with osteopathy, and I am working towards post graduate studies in the field. Osteopaths and Chiropractors treat and rehabilitate the same conditions and have a similar approach in techniques. If you have any questions, I would look forward to hearing from you or seeing you in the practice soon!”