Dr Stuart Bennett


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Stuart Bennett


Registered with the General Chiropractic Council and a member of the UCA

Hours:      Monday           1:30pm -7pm
                   Wednesday     8am – 3pm
                  Thursday          8am-12:30pm
                  Friday                2pm-7pm


Graduating in 2012 from the university of Glamorgan with masters of Chiropractic Stuart has gone on the gain further training in western medical acupuncture, CTS and kinesio taping to name but a few.


Stuart has an extensive sporting background and his first experience of Chiropractic was through the treatment of a rugby injury. Having exhausted other means of treatment Stuart was amazed at the rapid response to care in getting back to the pitch.


Motivated by his success, he decided to focus on a career as a Chiropractor with the purpose of passing on the same benefits to as many people as possible, helping them to achieve their full potential, alleviate pain and reach their targets and goals.


Stuart is experienced in caring for all ages with a wide variety of complaints across a diverse client base and takes great pride in his work. He particularly enjoys treating his patients back to improved mobility, and then helping them further with improvements to their overall wellbeing.

In Stuarts words “It can sometimes be emotional the first time patients visit as they may be at the end of a long journey of undiagnosed pain and had little respite for months or sometimes years. They may have sought other services and failed to find beneficial treatment before they arrive at our door.  I like to reassure my patients very quickly that these emotions are quite natural and that I fully understand. It’s the kind of thing I deal with every day”

When Stuart is not working he enjoys extreme sports such as ski ing and climbing. He is always happy to share the stories of his adventures with you. At the end of a working day, he loves to get his trainers out and go for a long run, if he isn’t dashing off to climb a mountain!!


He looks forward to meeting you soon.