Success Stories

We will be updating this page with success stories from our patients.We would love you to contribute to this page, please contact us at with your story of how your treatment has enhanced your life.
Lynne Mollon Age 26 – Tension Headaches

I was suffering with tension headaches on a daily basis, which left me feeling tired all the time. I was using prescription painkillers and paracetamol which led me to suffering with feelings of sickness and rebound headaches. After 4 months of  treatment, I have very few headaches and am much more energised. I feel like a new person.

Scott Turner Age 36 – Prolapsed Disc

I suffered with really bad pain and sometimes it was difficult to walk. I now very rarely suffer with back pain and my overall fitness has improved over time which has been assisted by chiropractic care. I have always been happy with the service and care that I have received and would recommend it to anyone.

Lisa Wood Age 33 – Tension Headaches

At times the pain has been unbearable and this resulted in me taking co-codomols very regularly and being unhappy. I now no longer have the constant ache and tension headaches are becoming much less frequent. I am much happier and confident and take less pain killers than previously. It is amazing how different I feel after a 10 minute adjustment!

Melanie Hume Age 29 – Sports Injury

I have been receiving chiropractic treatment for the past 15-16 years after a severe sporting injury. Each chiropractor that I have seen has kept me mobile and fighting fit.

 Cathy McClive Age 39 – Pelvic and Rib Pain in Pregnancy

Similar issues during my previous pregnancy were very debilitating and prevented me from working, contributing to household and family life and affected my mood.  Due to chiropractic care this pregnancy has been entirely different-so much more comfortable and enjoyable. I would recommend chiropractic to every pregnant woman whom complains of pain.

Amy Daglish Age 31 – Spinal Fusion related Back Problems and Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy

Severe back pain sometimes limited what I could do and the prescribed pain killers impaired my ability to care for my young family. After three visits to the chiropractor  I certainly noticed a difference. This has greatly improved my mood and ability to cope with day to day life. 

Margaret Richardson Age 61 – Back Pain and Osteoarthritis

I have seen a consultant rheumatologist for 17 years and had various treatments and pain killers over the years. I was told that nothing else could be done other than increasing pain killers and going onto opiate drugs! Chiropractic care has been a miraculous experience. I have a greater range of movement and significantly less pain. I have been able to come off anti-depressants and reduce pain killers. I am gradually getting my life back.

Trevor Henderson Age 64 – Facet Joint issues in the lower back

I couldn’t function in a normal way nor stand upright. After two months of treatment I feel more physically relaxed and supple. The practitioners are friendly, patient and clear in their explanations. The importance of the patient is paramount.

Marnie Kirby Age 35 – Joint Hypermobility Syndrome

When I was initially diagnosed, I was unable to carry out normal everyday tasks due to pain and swelling and the hospital was only able to offer anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids. I began to explore alternative therapies and first found a chiropractor in Southampton. After only 2 treatments, I was able to get back to normality. I have been with Durham Family Chiropractic for over eight years and have found their care outstanding. They are a friendly, knowledgeable and supportive team.

Linda Bosveld Age 43 – Burnout and IBS

I have been seeing chiropractors on and off throughout my adult life, but always stopped coming when I got better. I suffered a burn-out and have been off work. I came back to the chiropractor in desperation as I had IBS and a lot of pain in my abdomen. The hospital investigation could find no cause for this. After 2 treatments, all my pain had gone! My IBS had disappeared and although it hasn’t  cured my burn-out, it has improved my health enormously and has helped me relax. I think that if I had continued with chiropractic maintenance over the years, I wouldn’t have ended up in this mess. I’ve learnt my lesson!    

Maggy Young Age 49 – Sciatica and lower back pain, trapped nerves and hyper mobility

Have lived in pain, due to a car accident, for over 30 years. This got to an unmanageable state and I have been prescribed all sorts from steroids to diclofenare and hydroxicloriquine. Thanks to chiropractic care over the past four years, I have my life back and am avoiding drugs and surgery.

Trevor Flannagan Age 35 – Lower left side pain and tension in shoulders and neck

I tried seeing physiotherapists, but the stretches made me worse, not better. After receiving regular treatments for over a year and a half, the original pain has stopped and the tension in my back, buttocks, neck and shoulders, is so much better and improving all the time. My mobility is so much better. 

Darrin Brown – Chronic lower back pain with the use of   strong pain medication that caused dramatic side effects:

Aaron warned me that there would be no quick fix. He identified a suitable method of treatment for me. The adjustments are painless and quiet amazing, as in no time at all, I could touch my toes. All I can say is that for anyone having doubts about their treatment, simply persevere. For me it was treatment 14 and 15 when I noticed a real difference. I am still undergoing adjustments, but instead of taking 6 Tramadol a day, I now take only 1!