The real effects of flip flops on your body. By Claire Hawes

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During these summer months most of us ladies love to get our feet into those flip flops. We love to let our feet breathe and show off our painted toes.  Well that all sounds wonderful, and who am I to spoil that, particularly as I love to wear them too! However it is a growing concern that heel pain is growing among young people ages 15 to 25 years. Some experts and parents cite wearing flip flops daily as the main cause. Flip flop wearers take short strides and turn their ankles inward. Long term ankle and hip problems are a cause for concern.

So not to spoil your summer fun, but to offer a few tips for choosing and wearing flip flops.

  • Choose styles with sturdier soles for improved cushioning
  • Shoes of any style should never fold in half or sideways
  • Limit wearing flip flops for a short period of time such as walking on the beach, around the pool, in locker room areas
  • Never wear flip flops for sport
  • Do not wear when driving
  • Don’t walk long distances in flip flops
  • If irritation occurs between toes don’t ignore it
  • Experts recommend replacing thin soled flip flops every 3 – 4 months.

Finally your foot care and your health is in your hands, a few small changes in choice may just help you. Happy summer days!


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